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    Date: Mar 25, 2012
    Debuts: March 25, 2012
    Broadcast: and FUEL TV
    Cast: Featherweights and middleweights
    • Format
      • TBA
    • Coaches
      • Vitor Belfort
      • Wanderlei Silva
    • Featherweights

      •Alexandre Ramos (5-0)
      •Rodrigo Damm (9-5)
      •Rony Mariano Bezerra (10-3)
      • Godofredo Pepey (8-0)
      • Marcos Vinicius Borges Pancini (19-3-1)
      • Medeiros Anistavio (12-7)
      • Johnny Goncalves (4-0)
      • Medeiros Anistavio (5-0)
      • Fernando Duarte Guerra (10-1)
      • John Teixeira (13-0-1)
      • Rafael Bueno (7-1)
      • Wagner Campos (11-3)
      • Pedro Nobre (10-0-1)
      • Fabricio de Assis Costa da Silva (14-1)
      • Dileno Lopes (8-0)
      • Giovanni da Silva Santos Jr. (10-1)


      • Sergio Moraes (6-1)
      • Cezar Ferreira (4-2)
      • Leonardo Mafra Teixeira (5-0)
      • Daniel Sarafian (7-2)
      • Gustavo Sampaio (5-1)
      • Richardson Moreira (3-0)
      • Fabio Luiz Vital da Costa (9-0-1)
      • Renee Forte (7-1)
      • Joao Paulo de Souza (8-4)
      • Francisco Drinaldo (10-1)
      • Thiago Rela (3-1)
      • Charles Maicon (8-1)
      • Gilberto Galvao (19-4-1)
      • Thiago de Oliveira Perpetuo (8-1-1)
      • Samuel Trindade (6-1)
      • Delson Heleno (23-6)
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    Middleweight Results:

    Francisco Drinaldo def. Charles Maicon by TKO, R1
    Cezar Ferreira def. Gustavo Sampaio by submission (guillotine choke), R2
    Daniel Sarafian def. Richardson Moreira by decision
    Sergio Moraes def. Thiago Rela by submission (heel hook) R1
    Thiago ‘Bodao’ Perpetuo def. Joao Paulo De Souza by decision
    Delson Heleno def. Gilberto Galvao by decision
    Renee Forte def. Fabio Bolinho by decision
    Leonardo Mafra Teixeira def. Samuel Trindade by decision

    Featherweight Results:

    Rony Mariano def. Dileno Lopes by TKO, R1
    Godofredo de Oliveira def. Johnny Goncalves by submission (triangle choke), R1
    Hugo Viana def. Alexandre Ramos by TKO, R1
    Rodrigo Damm def. Fabricio Guerrero by submission (rear naked choke) R2
    Wagner ‘Galeto’ Campos def. Fernando Guerra by decision
    Anistavio Medeiros def. Rafael Bueno by decision
    John ‘Macapa’ Teixeira def. Giovanni Souza Jr. by submission (armbar) R1
    Marcos ‘Vina’ Vinicius Pancini def. Peter Noble by TKO, R1
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    As the fourth episode of "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil" begins, we get a brief recap of this past week's episode, which featured Vitor Belfort's team picking up its second straight win as middleweight Daniel Sarafian defeated Renee Forte with a second-round rear-naked choke.

    This week, with Team Vitor up 2-0 and in control of matchmaking, we return to the featherweight division for the second quarterfinal-round fight.

    Before the picks, though, we see Anistavio "Gasparzinho" Medeiros up to his usual antics and annoying the many fighters who are trying to sleep. It's well into the middle of the night, and many guys – including most of Team Wanderlei – are growing tired of it, and they talk to Vitor about it the next day in hopes they can get Anistavio in check.

    Looking for his first win, Wanderlei reminds his team to stay patient and mentally strong.

    At the training center, Vitor announces his fourth pick, Rodrigo Damm, will fight next. Vitor says the key is picking a fighter who's peaking during training, and he thinks Rodrigo is their guy. However, Vitor doesn't want Rodrigo stressing about his opponent, so he doesn't tell him whom he's fighting.

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    Episode No. 9 of "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil" begins by laying out the facts: Vitor Belfort's team has six spots in the four upcoming tourney semifinal matches, while Wanderlei Silva's squad has but one. The final spot will be defined in this episode, a no-brainer matchup between the final two fighters left to compete. It's Team Wanderlei's Delson Heleno vs. Team Vitor's Sergio Moraes in a middleweight fight.

    It's academic, but an announcement is made as Vitor Belfort recounts the results to date. Both coaches believe the final quarterfinal fight will provide an entertaining ground battle, with both competitors strong on the floor.

    We meet the fighters up close, and "Pe De Chumbo" recounts his humble beginnings, as a child sometimes foraging for wild vegetables so he could have something to eat. He was one of eight siblings, and he promised never to upset his mom, so he took up Capoeira and jiu-jitsu when he started the typical rebellion of childhood.

    He reveals his current motivation is his girlfriend of several years, who has steered him in the right direction when he considered walking away from the sport.

    Meanwhile, Moraes grew up similarly poor, starting his training at age 14. He stuck with the program rather than fall into the life that saw him lose many friends to drugs, jail and death. His adult career has seem drive buses and work in the market in order to afford training. It's a work ethic he learned from his dad: first to work, last to leave.

    Moraes reveals he currently runs a social project in his town, allowing 150 children to train for free. He also credits a quote from Muhammad Ali for inspiration: "Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men."

    With introductions out of the way, it's time for product placement. This week, it's an energy drink getting the awesomely awkward treatment.

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    As the 12th episode of "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil" begins, there is little drama in terms of matchups. Team Vitor's Hugo "Wolverine" Viana and Team Wanderlei's first 145-pounder picked, Rony "Jason" Mariano Bezerra, are the last two featherweights eligible for a spot in the finale, and it's time for them to fight.

    Both coaches are high on Bezerra as a person and a fighter. They praise his character almost as much as his skill. For his part, Bezerra admits he's a fun-loving guy. But when he puts on the famous "Jason" mask, that's when he becomes a cold-blooded killer. Silva reveals Bezerra actually lives in his home gym because he has no house to call his own.

    Meanwhile, Viana is viewed as an equally affable person who hails from Luiz Dorea's boxing gym. Understandably, Viana is confident in his hands, but he believes his movement and his heart will both help him advance. Viana reveals his fairly obvious gameplan. He wants to focus on his striking, especially his kicks, and keep the fight on the feet. Of course, Bezerra is happy there, as well.

    It's nearing the end of everyone's time in the "TUF" house, and both fighters admit they truly miss home.

    At the gym, it's time for another few special visitors. THis time, it's the Nogueira brothers, MMA heroes in their native Brazil. Both are wearing Team Vitor jerseys. Still, it's no sleight to Bezerra, a Team Nogueira fighter, who they admit they consider family. Both brothers receive the blue jerseys of Team Wanderlei shortly after.

    Both fighters weigh in, and this fight is official. Both coaches predict an entertaining matchup.

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    As the 13th episode of "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil" gets under way, we're reminded of what will go down in this last regular-season episode. Cezar "Mutante" Ferreira faces Thiago "Bodao" de Oliveira Perpetuo in the middleweight semifinals. Plus, we'll learn who has picked up the season's knockout, submission and fight bonuses.

    Coaches Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort talk about the final fight of the regular-season. Belfort believes Ferreira is the more well-rounded and versatile fighter, giving him the edge. Silva, though, says he'll only be impressed with him if he's able to beat Perpetuo. He says if Ferreira wins, he'll even hug him – but if he loses, "he never fooled me."

    In a confessional, Perpetuo says he has to believe in himself because if he doesn't, no one else will. Silva reminds us that Perpetuo beat cancer as a 9-year-old, a showcase to his heart. As we check out some of Perpetuo's training sessions with Team Silva for the fight, he tells us he's suffered too much in his life to let anyone stop him now.

    We start to take a look at Ferreira's training sessions. He tells us he's not focused on what Perpetuo does well – he's focused on what he will bring to the fight. He says he's not underestimating his opponent, but if he believes in himself, that's all he needs. "Even if the world falls down, tomorrow I'll be there ready to fight," Ferreira says.

    Back at the TUF house, featherweight finalist Godofredo "Pepey" de Oliveira gives his take on the fight, which he believes will be "intense." And his opponent in the 145-pound finals at UFC 147, Rony "Jason" Mariano Bezerra, says he'll naturally be rooting for Perpetuo, his teammate in the house. And Daniel Sarafian, who already has advanced to the middleweight final, believes the fight will be interesting – but sees Ferreira in his future.

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