Please report any problems you may be having

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by truebluefan, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. truebluefan Administrator

    Tell us in this thread.

    The shoutbox and other things will be coming soon.
  2. BDUB2112 Member

    We need smilies!!
  3. truebluefan Administrator

    Ya we will add them
  4. Dodge Member

    When I first was trying to join, it said my computer was under a proxy, and I wasn't under a proxy, so I tried the "login with facebook" feature. It made an account, but I could only be logged in for no more then 30 seconds, and it would boot me off.
  5. pierrerulz Member

    I can post but it wont let me make a thread! I am using Firefox
  6. truebluefan Administrator

    Guests please tell us if you are having registration problems. Use the 'Contact us' at the bottom of the index and we will try and resolve the issue.

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