Cotto: I’ll beat Mayweather Jr. on May 5th

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Will Cotto Beat Mayweather?

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  1. truebluefan Administrator

    WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto (37-2, 30 KO’s) likes his chances against mega star Floyd Mayweather Jr. (42-0, 26 KO’s) in their huge clash on May 5th, and feels he’s he’ll come out on top in this fight.

    Cotto said this on his twitter today: “I’m back in the ring on May 5th, and I will beat him [Mayweather].”

    Mayweather Jr. will be facing arguably the best fighter at 154lbs in Cotto, and this is going to be a fight for Cotto’s World Boxing Association title at full weight. It’s going to be asking a lot for Mayweather Jr. to win this bout.

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  2. Hell no! Floyd will clean his clock
  3. pacmanfever Member

    Keep dreaming Cotto. Nothing wrong with confidence.
  4. pierrerulz Member

    Will go to the later rounds, but he will lose
  5. Dodge Member

    No way!
  6. paulharris New Member

    I love Cotto, dude is a warrior. But come on... Mayweather might retire Cotto. I love his confidence, he is one of my favorite boxers. But after Margacheato broke his face in the 1st fight, he hasn't been the same...
  7. neogeoz New Member

    Cotto might make things interesting, but I don't think he will win. You never know though, Cotto looked sharp in his last fight against Margarito and Mayweather is getting older with each passing fight. He's 35 now and he could be on the decline at anytime being a lighter weight fighter. He's already lost some of his speed as you see him getting hit more than in the past. His fights have actually been more entertaining as a result because he's become more offensive as a fighter.
  8. shaun New Member

    Cotto beating Mayweather would be a big shock, I can't see it happening but it is normal for boxers to talk themselves up before a fight. Cotto looked good against Margarito but Margarito is a slow slugger, he will have problems against a fast counterpuncher like Mayweather.
  9. truebluefan Administrator

    I feel like all of you do. Cotto will lose
  10. boxing1 New Member

    I honestly can't see Cotto winning this, Mayweather will just out box him especially in the later rounds.
  11. neogeoz New Member

    Cotto has done well against fast fighters like Judah and Mosley, so it's possible he can make this competitive. It's still a fight I'm looking forward to and I expect Cotto to give it his all out there.
  12. Dodge Member

    Mayweather will out box him, but I honestly can say it will still be a pretty good fight! Cotto doesn't quit and he will give it his all against Mayweather.
  13. pierrerulz Member

    LOL 6-0 for no. Wisdom in this forum.

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