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Mar 17, 1994 (Age: 20)
Nottingham, England

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Hall Of Fame, 20, from Nottingham, England

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May 31, 2011
    1. Obese Basement Dweller
      Hey Callam, ive added part 2 of 24/7. I just edited it into your post with part 1. :thumb:
    2. Obese Basement Dweller

      I watched it along at my pals house (not Bunceys:D) we went flat when Vettel went past but when Glock's car went we went fuuuuukin mental.
    3. Obese Basement Dweller

      I was rolling about the floor when it cut to them in the garage and they were still celebrating....Poor cunts. LOL!
    4. Obese Basement Dweller
      That race was sensatioal man, i thought he'd lost it going into the last lap.

      Pure drama!
    5. Plasma
      Cheers mate.
    6. Obese Basement Dweller
      Me neither, id bet the house it'll be around April though.
    7. Obese Basement Dweller
      Not yet man, but i read its definetly going to be released on consoles by Codemasters....I would think they will release it after the line up's for the 09 season are anounced. It'll probably come out around the time of the first race....Around April.
    8. Obese Basement Dweller
      Good piont! That makes it easy to hate on both. LOL!

      Hamilton outdrove him in his rookie year, he has the beating oif him, Your right!
    9. NFFC
      I hate that pr*ck too. That's why I hope he goes to Ferrari. Then I can hate on them both at the same time :D:D. Hamilton still has the ability to beat him anyway.
    10. Obese Basement Dweller
      Kubica along with Hamilton was the best driver all the way through the juniors, i think its inevitable that he'll get a big ride. I fukkin hate Alonso, after reading Hamiltons book he just comes accross as a prick. He stuck Mclaren in last year too with those emails. I hope he ends up at Force India. :laugh:
    11. Obese Basement Dweller
      Raikenin seems to have lost a step, if he doesn't pick it up next season he'll be out the door me thinks. It'll be interesting to see who gets that drive if he did leave. It would probablt be Alonso but id love Kubica to get it. I cant see Kovalinen being at Mclaren long either so that'll free up another drive.
    12. Obese Basement Dweller
      Yeah, Nico's got the tool's. Ive always said if Webber got a good car he'd be champ one day. I hope he gets a drive next season.
    13. Obese Basement Dweller
      Williams will come again, all the teams go through slumps like this. Mclaren and FIArrari were the same in the 90's, they were nowhere really. The Renaults (Benneton) and Williams dominated really.

      Vettel, Kubica and Hamilton are the future, the 3 of them are class!
    14. Obese Basement Dweller
      I never liked them either, not since Schumy took Hill off the track in one to win the championship. LOL!

      Williams used to be my favorites, they were the best! That'll be a bit beforee your time though. I started watching it when guys like Manssell, Prost and Senna were doing the damage.....The Williams fell away though and when DC moved to Mclaren i went with then.
    15. Obese Basement Dweller

      I was a bit slow picking up the FIArarri there. haha

      I hated the red cars ever schumy went there....DC should be happy getting in the points and finishing ahead of Rubens. Great driver in his day, should have been world champ!
    16. Obese Basement Dweller
      Gotta go with Hamilton man, ive always been a fan ogf Mclaren more than the red cars too. He's gonna do it as long as Alonso dont crash into him. LOL!
    17. Obese Basement Dweller
      Is the Pope a catholic? :P

      I watched the qual today aswell, 4th aint bad considering he only wants 5th.
    18. Obese Basement Dweller
      Setanta have the Latin Furry card this weekend. Chavez Jr vs Vanda. Nonito Donaire, Jorge Arce and Lamont Peterson are also on the bill. :thumb:
    19. Obese Basement Dweller
      Excellant, im gonna download it right now. :thumb:
    20. NFFC
      It'll almost definitely be on YouTube.
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    Mar 17, 1994 (Age: 20)
    Nottingham, England
    My name is Callam, I'm a big boxing fan, favourite fighters De la Hoya and Hatton

    Football, Cricket, Rugby Union, Tennis, Golf, Formula One, MotoGP, Boxing. I love sports!